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Subject : Dr Leon Russell, former WVA president, passed away
 글 쓴 이    마스터 2019-06-27 11:40:32, 조회수 : 557 

Dear WVA Members, 

I am sorry to announce the death of Dr. Leon Russell, former President of the World Veterinary Association (WVA), and wish to express my deepest sympathy on behalf of the WVA. It is not only a loss of remarkable leader for the WVA but also a loss of exceptional veterinarian for veterinary profession.
During his term of service as the WVA President (2005-2008), Dr. Russell made many contributions. It would be difficult to measure the impact Dr. Russell has had for veterinary medicine and for the WVA, personally and professionally. All members and staff appreciate the honor he brought to this association by his achievements. I personally had learned a lot from Dr. Russell as well when I worked closely with him as the WVA Vice President. I especially admire his consideration and generosity to everyone in the WVA family. We were very lucky to have a chance working with Dr. Russell.
We will feel Dr. Russell’s absence in veterinary profession. He will be missed and remembered by all members and staff of the WVA family and by all veterinarians around the world. 

President, World Veterinary Association
Johnson S.M. Chiang


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