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Subject : Registrations for the 36th World Veterinary Association Congress are officially open!
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WVAC2020 - Register now!



Kia ora WVA Members!

Guess what?

Registrations for the 36th World Veterinary Association Congress are officially open!

Come and explore, learn and have fun in Auckland, New Zealand in April 2020.

The World Veterinary Association Congress will be held 6-8 April, 2020. It’s hosted by the New Zealand Veterinary Association and held in conjunction with their highly successful annual conference.

Speakers from New Zealand and around the world will come share ideas and discuss topical issues to explore new horizons in the treatment and prevention of animal disease.

Check out the programme which has something for everyone in the veterinary clinic ? veterinarians, technicians, nurses, veterinary business leaders and other allied professionals.

The Congress will also incorporate the Global One Heath Summit, which will showcase speakers from international organisations including the World Organisation for Animal Health, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Health Organization. More information on this is coming soon!

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to combine high quality veterinary continuing education with a holiday never to forget.



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Accomodation in Auckland

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Don't forget to order your WVAC T-shirt! 



Look the part at the congress by wearing your very own limited edition WVAC 2020 T-shirt!

T-shirts will be available for order through the registration page and come in a wide variety of sizes and both men's and women's styles.

Stylish and comfortable these are sure to be a hit.


T-shirt sizing guide



The New Zealand Story...




As history is teaching us, the wellbeing of animals and the environment is inseparable from humans. 

At the end of the day, their future is our future.





Register now!

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